About MIS

Matey Infotech Services Private Limited is the Leading BIM Consulting and BIM Services delivery company based in Kolkata. As an Independent BIM Service provider Matey Infotech Services Private Limited helps client to Adopt Relevant BIM Technology (AutoCad, Revit MEP, Revit Arch, AutoCad MEP, Fabrication Cad, etc) for Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners. The Strategic Consulting division of Matey Infotech Services Private Limited focuses BIM Process Adoption, Business Process Re-Engineering for Building Owners and Creating Return of Investment (ROI) for their Various Construction IT Related Technology Investments.

Matey Infotech Services Private Limited has developed a detailed and well-defined process to move BIM from LOD200 (Constrma uction Design) to LOD 600 (Facility Management) that bring far reaching benefits to the Organization, and Integrate them with Existing Processes, Software, Systems and Standards. We provide technology recommendations based on the needs and resources of clients.

Our consultants have played an instrumental role in supporting construction companies, providing BIM Training, Coaching and Handholding. Our BIM Services division is well equipped to provide Modeling, Sequencing, Clash detection and other BIM Solutions related for any scale of the project small to large.

Why Choose Us

Matey Infotech Services Private Limited is The Global Leader in BIM Engineering.

1. We started providing BIM solutions to international market from 2017.  

2. Executed 500+ BIM projects across industries including Airports, Hospitals,Stadium, High Rise Towers, School, University,
    Research Centers, Industrial Plants, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, and more.

3. Delivered projects in New York, California, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kolkata and other places.

5. Currently, having 12+ Years Experience in providing innovative BIM services to  Engineers, Architects& other Construction Industry

6. We innovate with clear focus on customers