Fire Protection


Fire Sprinklers is a powerful BIM solution for wet and dry fire protection systems suited for standards in all global regions. Pre-set or custom rules let you place heads throughout an Autodesk® Revit® model, connect them to distribution pipes based on visually-depicted routing options, pre-calculate pipe diameters, and more.

  • Easily distribute Sprinkler Heads in accordance to the coverage area
  • Choose the best routing of your system by visually-depicted routing options
  • Pre-calculate pipe diameters in accordance to your country or company standards
  • Modify Fire Protection system at any stage of your project
  • Run clash analysis between different parts of fire protection system and other elements in the model

Fire Sprinklers allows easy planning of sprinklers' location in the BIM model with a real time interference checking and it automatically routes pipes from sprinklers to distribution pipes in a predefined way. This BIM solution lets user choose between different routing preferences that have visual identity.